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Reasons Why Acne Creams Fail

There are a lot of reasons why acne cream products fail, but the biggest and most influential factor is the myth that says that it is caused by bad hygiene. These say that acne is caused by infrequent taking of baths and that frequent washing of the face should be done to prevent acne. For […]

Body Pimples: Practical Means on Keeping Them Off

There is not a single person who would certainly love acne. Given that it plagues the face mostly among other body parts, these specks of plump, red inflammatory material slashes away scores off one’s confidence scoreboard. It’s hideous. One spot right on a flawless cheek is enough to cause distress. But it’s not only the […]

Get Acne Free Skin

Acne free skin is a dream for millions of teens every year. Most teenagers will experience some form of acne outbreak before their sixteenth birthday and some will even experience this condition as early as age twelve. For many others, acne may continue on late into their adult life, causing many adults to dream for […]

Getting Rid of Pimples Becomes Much Easier

Pimples, also known as zits or spots can affect any person from 10 up to 40 years of age. More than 80% of teenagers face a pimple problem at some point and out of them 30% need medical therapy because of the severity of pimples. Pimples are painful as well as they cause a great […]

Dark Chocolate and Acne – Is There a Connection Or Not?

Why some people experience acne breakouts after eating chocolate, and why some aren’t? In this article you will find the answer regarding the most frequently asked question about chocolate: “Is there a connection between dark chocolate and acne?” The most frequently asked question Acne sufferers often ask whether dark chocolate can cause acne or not. […]

7 Natural Ingredients That Help Remove Acne Pain

Acne is not always thought of as a painful condition, but it is both physically and psychologically. Researchers have advised dermatologists to consider their patient’s psychological health as they provide treatments for the health of their skin. Here you will learn about relieving the physical and the emotional pain. • Solutions for the Pain of […]

Acne causes symptoms and medications

Acne is a skin disease or skin disorder affecting all age groups. This skin disorder is caused by inflammation of skin glands and hair follicle. One can have formations called pimples on the face. Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. It is caused by the effects […]

Natural Pimple Treatment – How To Get Rid of Stubborn Pimples Fast

Getting rid of stubborn pimple can be quite an experience. No thanks to so many pimples products in the market today promising instant cure. There is no denying the fact that some of these acne products do actually work, but it is not a quick fix as they promised. Getting rid of pimples does take […]

Cystic Acne Treatment – What Options Are Available?

Cystic acne, or sometimes known as nodulocystic acne, is one of the most severe forms of acne vulgaris. One word of advice, as soon as you are aware of it happening to you, visit your dermatologist immediately as it may adversely affect your skin in the long run if untreated. Any delays in doing will […]

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Are you tired and sick of your pimples? Having pimples starts mostly in adolescence age and it doesn’t matter if you’re girl or a boy. The evil reign of acne can affect anyone! If you are currently suffering with blemishes and want to find out ‘how to get rid of pimples’, don’t worry. There are […]