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How Can I Improve My Fertility

How Can I Improve My Fertility? Nutrition A healthy diet is essential for optimal health and the reproductive system is no exception. In order for your body to function properly, a well-balanced diet, including plenty of vitamins and minerals, is necessary. Nutritional deficiencies can impair hormone function, inhibit sperm production and contribute to the production […]

Cancer – The Big C

Cancer is a serious health issue for Irish men. About one in every three Irish men will develop cancer at some stage in their lives and about one in six men will die from it. The word ‘cancer’ is often perceived as a frightening one, yet cancer is not the hopeless diagnosis it once was. […]

Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Implications for follow-up and long-term care Today, not enough is known about the challenges facing adolescents and young adults with a history of childhood cancer, or about the strategies they may use to effectively address them, or about the programmes and interventions that may effectively increase knowledge about cancer and its treatment, empowerment, self-confidence and […]