Reasons Why Acne Creams Fail

There are a lot of reasons why acne cream products fail, but the biggest and most influential factor is the myth that says that it is caused by bad hygiene. These say that acne is caused by infrequent taking of baths and that frequent washing of the face should be done to prevent acne. For those who believe in this myth, you have to disregard this belief now and know that acne is internally caused by the clogging of pores, not just by the dirt that accumulates on the surface of the skin because of infrequent washing.

While acne cream products may require that you be careful with the foods that you eat, the myth that acne is caused by a certain diet is not true. Eating foods like pizza, French fries or chocolates will not give you acne. However, if you do not eat a balanced diet, your hormones may be affected, thus leading to acne.

Some even believe that acne cases are just caused by cosmetics and their incompatibility with your skin. This may be true seeing that an irritated skin may indeed show signs similar to acne, but in general, this myth has no basis. You can use any acne cream without worrying that it will allow more acne on your face. However, you may not see any results if the product does not have any good ingredient.

Some people just let acne and do not do anything about it because they believe that it will come and go naturally. This can happen if you only have mild acne problems, but if you are one of the unlucky people with severe acne, it is important that you do something instead of just letting the situation ruin your life. Also, if you do not use any acne cream to solve the problem, you are more prone to having acne scars after acne has left. So with or without acne, you have a problematic skin because of the unwanted scars and markings that everyone can see.

Believing in myths has a limit. Sometimes you need to be more critical than superstitious in order to get the best out of everything. If you think that your life will be ruined because you believe too much myth, it is probably time that you let go of that habit and begin a healthier and more realistic approach to the problem. Only then will you be able to see the real problem and solve it accordingly.

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