Dark Chocolate and Acne – Is There a Connection Or Not?

Why some people experience acne breakouts after eating chocolate, and why some aren’t? In this article you will find the answer regarding the most frequently asked question about chocolate: “Is there a connection between dark chocolate and acne?”

The most frequently asked question

Acne sufferers often ask whether dark chocolate can cause acne or not. This is, however, the question that needs to be addressed seriously. Many people will try to answer this question based on their sides, which is often subjective. So, is there an answer that is objective enough to shed the light?

The answer: “It depends”

Really, the answer should be “it depends”. Yes, that’s true. It depends on how bad you go with your diet. It depends on how much chocolate you eat. It depends on how sensitive is your skin. Because of this, many people will have different experience with dark chocolate.

You may experience instant breakouts after you eat your chocolate, but other people may not experience this. Sometimes, the combination of bad dietary habit and skin sensitivity can cause instant reaction in your skin. But, well, it is not exactly the case for every person.

Dark chocolate alone can hardly cause acne

There are many other factors that can trigger dark chocolate to apparently cause you to have acne. But, I can safely say that dark chocolate alone can’t easily cause acne breakouts. Various studies have been conducted about chocolate, and they prove that there’s no real connection between chocolate and acne.

However, I will not neglect the experience of certain people that may have instant reaction after they eat some dark chocolate. I said it earlier that dark chocolate may cause the bad breakouts experience, depending on various factors.

Vague connection

Although several studies say that there is no connection between dark chocolate and acne, there might still a vague connection exist that is experienced by some people. However, I can say that generally, chocolate will not cause acne in any way.

For those experiencing some “side effects” after eating chocolate, you may examine the diet you currently have. You may have some kind of sensitivity or allergic reaction toward chocolate, and this cannot be denied. If you experience the sudden breakouts symptom in a short time after you eat some dark chocolate, you might have it. Therefore, it is advisable for you to refrain from eating your chocolate until you really have a stable skin condition.

Some suggestions

Eating chocolate might be a pleasure for some people. Therefore I can give you some suggestion regarding this matter.

If you are really sure that chocolate doesn’t create anything negative for your skin, and after careful observation, you find that chocolate is harmless for your skin, you may enjoy it whenever you want. But, if you find that chocolate is harmful for your skin, after careful examination, you should refrain from it for a while.

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