Acne causes symptoms and medications

Acne is a skin disease or skin disorder affecting all age groups. This skin disorder is caused by inflammation of skin glands and hair follicle. One can have formations called pimples on the face. Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. It is caused by the effects of particular hormones on sebaceous glands besides other causes. This disorder can vary from mild to serve and usually affects the skin of the face. Acne conglobata, acne fulminans, gram negative folloculitis, nodulocystic are the most common types of acne. The two types of acne people suffer from today is inflammatory acne and non inflammatory acne. A problem with any of these types can result in various physical changes appearing on the face. Medications and natural remedies help cure the disease in an effective way for those suffering from these diseases.

Many people suffer from rashes due to acne, besides there are many other causes of acne. Mostly it can be caused due to sebum or can be caused through certain bacteria infesting under our skin. Some believe that causes of acne include poor hygiene, unhealthy sex habits and eating oily foods. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts are types of acne developed when pores in our skin become clogged. The culprit is sebum, the oil in our skin. Our bodies make more sebum when our hormones go through a surge.

Common symptoms of acne are identified as blackheads or comedones, whiteheads, red or yellow spots, greasy skin and scars. Normally it can appear on the face, back, neck, chest or arms. The severity of this condition can vary from mild to severe. People of all standard can be affected by acne. It mostly appears in people with dark skins which has a greater impact on the condition altered by the pigmentation.

Whatever the type of skin one may possess, cleansing of the skin is an extremely important step to keep skin problems like acne away. Acne treatments can help to cure various ailments like reducing oil production, speeding skin cell turnover, fighting against bacterial infection, and reducing inflammation as well. Acne medications include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, certain supplements and other prescriptions which help avoid symptoms of acne. Home remedies, alternative treatments as well as natural treatments are found to be beneficial without any side effects. Clearing away the symptoms of acne can be accomplished by using natural home remedies in an effective way. Home remedies can include mint, nettles, aloe vera, calendula water and natural ascorbic acid, proper diet, intake of vegetables, fruit juice that have enough minerals and proteins besides other certain oil massages and herb supplements. These home remedies help in clearing pores and treat acne symptoms effectively.

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