Cautions in Testosterone Supplementation

The presence of prostate or breast carcinoma are absolute contra-indications for tes-tosterone treatment, but there are several additional adverse events that are particularly significant in the elderly. Although rarely seen, fluid retention in the chronically ill or the frailer older man may pose a problem. Modern testosterone preparations do not give rise to liver toxicity. Testosterone therapy has been reported to exacerbate sleep apnea; however, a recent 36-mo trial of testosterone in older men reported no effect on apneic or hypo-apneic episodes. Because of the relatively greater increase in serum E2 levels, gynecomastia is a rare event that can be overcome with a reduction in the testosterone dose.

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer commonly occur in older men, and both are promoted by androgens and, therefore, have been treated by androgen depriva-tion therapy. It is unknown whether testosterone therapy for an older man places him at increased risk of developing clinically significant prostate disease from a pre-existing but subclinical condition. There have been at least 22 testosterone replacement trials, involving a total of 583 men ages 45 to 89, in which serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels have been measured. Of the 22 studies, 16 showed no increase in PSA with tes-tosterone therapy.

In the six studies showing a PSA rise with testosterone, the average PSA change was 0.48 ng/mL, and the average PSA velocity was 0.52 ng/mL/yr. Seven testoster-one replacement trials in older men have evaluated prostate size, maximum urine flow rates, and/or International Prostate Symptom Scores. No change in any of these parameters was demonstrated with treatment erectile dysfunction – sildenafil Australia. These data suggest that in the short term (up to 3 yr), testosterone therapy in the older man has little effect on the prostate. Nevertheless, one must consider the longer term effects of testosterone therapy because prostate can-cer and benign prostatic hyperplasia are diseases with long natural histories, and the cur-rent observation time with testosterone therapy in older men is limited to less than 900 man-years. Testosterone therapy in older men can often result in a significant increase in red blood cell mass and hemoglobin levels. This may lead to either termination of therapy, a decrease of dose, or a switch to a different formulation of testosterone. The method of testosterone replacement may affect the magnitude of the change in red blood cell mass.

The Truth About Sex

Men Deserve to Feel Proud of Their Sexuality

Remember a time when a buddy made a bragging sexual comment and you felt intimidated; you wondered if you were sexually “normal”; a TV program described male sexuality in a negative way; the time you felt confused about what to do sexually with a woman; whether your sexual fantasies were healthy; whether your expectations of lovemaking were realistic; when you thought, “Yes, I really like sex, but I feel differently than what other men feel.” If you’ve ever had moments or thoughts like these (and the great majority of men have), this book will help you develop a healthier, more confident, and satisfying sex life. What’s different about this book? We’ll tell you the honest truth—no hype, no magic, no “BS.” We will share with you the best available scientific, psychological, medical, and relationship information. The truth about sex is that every man deserves to feel proud, confident, and healthy about his masculinity and sexuality. The truth is that sex is an essential part of who we are as men.

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To begin, we ask you to take our 21-item true–false quiz to assess your understanding of male sexuality. Don’t worry about performance anxiety; you can score this yourself to see how knowledgeable you are, and you don’t have to tell anyone your score.

Exercise: Sexual Knowledge Questionnaire

  1. Penis size is the most important factor in pleasing your partner.
  2. Real men are always interested and ready to perform sexually.
  3. The best sex happens when you are single; committed sex squelches good sex.
  4. All men are potential rapists.
  5. Perfect sexual performance is the most important factor in satisfying your partner.
  6. Women control men with sex. It’s just the way it is.
  7. Women expect to be fucked hard, but don’t honestly say it.
  8. The Internet is the best source for accurate sexual information. Viagra Australia pharmacy offer great prices for sildenafil citrate Get More Information.
  9. Sex is such a basic physical need, men should be able to perform perfectly regardless of their level of physical conditioning, lifestyle, or age.
  10. What men most want and need in a relationship is sex.
  11. Men will do or say anything to get sex.
  12. Men inevitably think with their penis.
  13. Sex is natural and requires no learning, management, or regulation.
  14. Sex requires an erection because sex equals intercourse.
  15. Men need a lot of sex; lack of sex causes major physical problems.
  16. It is the man’s responsibility to give his partner an orgasm each time.
  17. The man leads sex: “Men are supposed to run the sex show.”
  18. Sex equals performance and performance is what counts.
  19. Real men have penises that are “two feet long, hard as steel, and able to go all night.”
  20. Men can’t control their sex drives.
  21. Men should never view women as sex objects.

How many “True” responses did you record? Compare your responses to the fact that this is a male sex myth test; all of these items are false. In the following chapters, we will coach you how to think about your sexuality in an accurate, honest, reasonable, confident manner. You can learn to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction for the rest of your life.

Sex : The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

We’ve written this book to coach you (and your partner) in the truth about healthy, pleasurable, satisfying sex—not hype or promises that only lead to disappointment and “is that all there is?” We coach you in the scientific and medical facts, the reality of real men who have real jobs and real stresses, living real life with real women, with real failures as well as successes. We wrote this book to coach you with integrity, openness, candor, frankness, and details that you can apply to your life.

We wrote this book because we believe there is too much BS out there about men and sex. We wrote this so that you can avoid the myriad of mistakes we have seen in our clinical practices, mistakes made out of ignorance, misinformation, unrealistic expectations, anxiety, shame, and following hyped-up promises—“Use this cream and your ‘dick’ will grow two inches.” We’ve seen too many lies told to men. We want to give you the facts! So, we have written this book with the promise—to ourselves and to you—that this is a book with integrity.

We’ve counseled and coached thousands of men (and their partners) how to develop positive male sexual health, address sexual problems, and overcome worries, misunderstandings, and other barriers to sexual satisfaction. We have heard legions of men individually, in educational workshops, in couples therapy, and in men’s group therapy express hidden thoughts and conflicts about sex. These men are scientists, construction workers, college students, professional football players, Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, government employees, computer geeks, police officers, investment bankers, bakers, hockey stars, medical doctors, waste management truck drivers, pilots, prisoners, clergymen, chefs, military personnel, lawyers, factory workers, diplomats, teachers. Viagra New Zealand online

You name the occupation, and we’ve heard from them over the years of our clinical work. They are young, middle-aged, older, single, married, divorced, sexually active, celibate, in good health, in poor health. Like their jobs and status in life, men are different emotionally and sexually. We are not stereotypes but have incredible diversity and ranges of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and sexual preferences. Some of us are saintly, some are villainous, while most of us are in the broad expanse in between. While we are different from each other in many ways, we all seek sexual health. Here are principles and facts that are common to all of us when it comes to sexual health. Men’s sexual health is grounded on psychological and physical facts and truths.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a highly prevalent condition; based on data from the National Health and Social Life Survey, this condition affects 21% of men between 18 and 59 years of age in the USA. This disorder is classified into two categories: primary PE, which is present from the time a male first becomes sexually active and secondary PE, which is acquired later in life.

Etiology and Priligy Australia

The specific cause of PE is not known. A number of etiologies have been proposed, including a variety of psychological and organic causes. Dunn and colleagues performed a cross-sectional population survey in 1999 and found that anxiety was strongly associated with the presence of PE.

While the authors acknowledge that the direction of this and other associations from their study need to be clarified, their results suggest that psychological factors such as anxiety could possibly  have a causative role in sexual problems such as PE. In contrast to psychosexual causes, organic causes have also been postulated to cause PE. Waldinger et al. proposed that PE is a neurobiological disorder due to serotonergic hypoactivity.

Studies of male rats have shown that serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-HT), and various serotonin receptors, play a role in the process of ejaculation. Activation of 5-HT1B and 5-HT2c receptors delays ejaculation, while activation of 5-HT1a receptors facilitates ejaculation. Some authors have related decreased central serotonergic activity (increased 5-HT1a sensitivity or decreased 5-HT2c sensitivity) to PE.


One of the first definitions for PE was offered by Masters and Johnson, who described it as the inability of the male partner to delay ejaculation long enough for the female partner to achieve orgasm 50% of the time. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, revised version 4 (DSM-IV-TR) highlights the individual and interpersonal distress caused by male climax earlier than desired by the male. Key aspects of the DSM-IV-TR definition include:

  1. Reduced control over ejaculation;
  2. A decrease in the patient’s and/or partner’s satisfaction with sexual intercourse;
  3. Distress or bother in the patient and/or partner regarding the PE.

This DSM-IV-TR definition has been widely utilized clinically, and the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT) is a five-item questionnaire developed specifically to apply the DSM-IV-TR criteria for PE. In 2006, Waldinger and Schweitzer reported on the limitations of the DSM-IV criteria for PE diagnosis, noting that it resulted in a low, positive predictive value. Symonds et al. subsequently published a manuscript arguing the opposite, stating the PEDT is a reliable and valid PE diagnostic tool.

Many investigators favor the use of intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT) to diagnose PE. IELT is defined as the time from vaginal intromission to the onset of ejaculation. Canadian pharmacy viagra – cheap erectile dysfunction sildenafil medications Canada.

Advantages include that IELT is, at least in theory, a reproducible, objective measure. However, a 2005 manuscript by Patrick et al. highlighted some of the limitations of IELT. The authors assessed 207 men with PE and 1,380 men with-out PE. At the time of the first study visit, subjects were asked to estimate their own IELT.

Usual Compounds in Acne External Therapies

Because of so many remedies on the skin treatment market, and also much diversity in every sub-category, it’s actually not out of the ordinary to discover several fascinating substances. Since their function is generally the same, it isn’t uncommon for one acne therapy product to have no less than a few ingredients amid the products.

You can see common ingredients amongst even the most reliable solutions, such as Proactiv and Clearasil. For example, Proactiv contains the compound Benzoyl Peroxide, that additionally is listed in products such as Neutrogena On-the-Spot, Oxy-10, Fostex, and Persa-Gel. All of these have benzoyl peroxide due to the fact it’s been found to get rid of the harmful bacteria identified as P. acnes, in addition to assisting in the treatment of dead skin cells and decreasing inflammation.

Some other recognized non-prescription acne cures that consist of the same ingredients would certainly be Stridex, L’Oreal’s Acne Response, and DDF Acne Control. What do these share? It ends up they all consist of an ingredient referred to as salicylic acid, which is not nearly as efficient as the previously mentioned benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is viewed as a reasonably affective topical medication and is usually endorsed as a possible solution for folks who are hypersensitive to skin itchiness brought on via various other active elements.

Sulfur, coupled with Resorcinol, may be observed in specified Clearasil products, and in Rezamid Lotion, Night Cast S, and Acne-Aid Gel. The sulfur works with Resorcinol in order to develop an effect in which it reduces old skin tissues and additionally break down blackheads and whiteheads. Really the only drawback to sulfur is its unpleasant odor.

For those out there wishing to move close to an all-natural or considerably more organic know-how pertaining to their own acne cure, presently there is Tea Tree oil, which actually is an essential oil. This item has been widely used in Australia and additional countries around the world and performs a fantastic duty as an external antiseptic substance. This item has been shown to reduce redness and even help with acne lesions on the skin even while staying away from the strong smell plus unwanted likely outcomes of additional therapy options.

Products that include Tea Tree oil as a possible ingredient are Desert Essence, Doctor D. Schwab Controlling Mask, GlyMed Plus, and Camella Acne Facial Foam to mention a few. This does not in fact start to discuss the number of treatment options that are available on the market with the vast demand for an over-the-counter acne solution that works for everyone.

This in numerous ways is definitely the issue, since there is simply no fast solution (or perhaps in this case, magic cream) that may make your acne disappear. They all possess their own unique side effects, but the actual concern is which one works the best for your specific acne situation. When you’ve answered that dilemma, it is possible to go ahead and take the next step closer to getting perfect, crystal clear complexions.

Acne Treatment Creams – Essential Usage Tips

Acne Treatments are designed to provide you with immediate and long lasting relief from Acne. You may have come across many Acne treatment creams, that advertise instant results. Before you buy them and start using them, here is an important list of checks that you must undertake to prevent yourself from any further medical complications.

Most of the Acne Treatment Creams available in the market are keratolytic agents with antibacterial actions. They have benzoyl peroxide which is effective against acne due to its antibacterial, peeling (keratolytic), and drying actions. Do not take up any acne treatment cream, without it having been prescribed by your Doctor or skin specialist. This is because, these creams have a deep effect on other aspects of your health and parts of your body. You need to know the various ingredients of an Acne cream, so that you don’t use it, if you are allergic to any ingredient present.

It is important to know about certain medical conditions before using Acne Treatment Cream. They may interact with Acne Creams and cause further complication. At the moment, there is no specific issue that may arise, but still, the doctor would want to know of these conditions before prescribing an Acne treatment cream. So you must get professional advice before applying an acne cream if-

* you are pregnant. Planning a baby or have a baby and are breast-feeding.

* you are taking any medicine. Even if it is prescribed or over the counter. Also if it is a herbal preparation, or dietary supplement.

* you are allergic to any sort of medicines, food items, or other stuff.

You must have a word with your doctor if you have match with any or all of the conditions mentioned above. Do not start or stop any medicine on your own, let your health care provider, guide you.

Now, if you have been prescribed an acne treatment cream, then you must be very careful while using it. You must apply it carefully and stick to the number of times, you have been told to apply it during the day. You must follow these steps to ensure that you get the best results and from these creams:

1. Acne Treatment Creams are to be used externally. Be careful while application. Do not get it in your eyes, on the inside of your nose or mouth, and on your lips. In case you get the cream in any of these areas, you must immediately rinse thoroughly with cool tap water.

2. Do not apply Acne Treatment Creams to raw or irritated skin. If you have sunburns, or open wounds, do not apply the cream there, as it may lead to further problems.

3. Acne will not disappear overnight. It may take days to several weeks before you see improvement in your acne. However, if you see the condition getting worse, inform your specialist right away.

4. You must get the Doctor’s permission before using any other cosmetic like cleansers, aftershave, or lotions.

5. Avoid the sun, as acne creams accelerate sun damage. Also stay away from sunlamps, or tanning booths until you know how you react to Acne Treatment Cream. The cream may cause bleaching. So you must avoid contact with hair, fabrics, or carpeting

Effective Natural Treatments for Acne

Acne is a term used in relation to different skin outbreaks, namely white heads, pimples, pustules, and blackheads to mention but a few. Acne affects people of all ages and sexes, and does not discriminate on race or colour. However, it tends to be common in teenagers who just hit adolescence.

This is attributed to the fact that hormones multiply during the transition from childhood to adulthood, which can lead to an overproduction of sebum, which will eventually end up clogging skin pores, thus leading to acne breakouts.

If you are suffering from acne, or if you are genetically predisposed to the same, the following are some basic natural remedies to help you with the condition. The best thing about natural home remedies for acne is that they are natural, hence the results are almost guaranteed without the negative side effects of over the counter medicines and other topical applications.

Further, natural acne remedies are very affordable compared to their prescription or over the counter counterparts. Actually, they are normally readily available at home, most of which you can find easily in your kitchen. Examples of effective natural acne remedies include:

Oatmeal – Use an oatmeal facemask, to prepare it use a food processor to grind your oats into powder then cook with some water, allow to cool and apply to the face. Wash off after half an hour. It absorbs excessive oil from the skin’s pores, removes bacteria and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Egg white – one effective acne natural remedy is egg whites, which are readily available at home. Egg whites come laden with rich protein to help absorb and dry out oil from the skin, thus unclogging the clogged pores and getting rid of acne causing bacteria.

Vinegar – take vinegar and mix it with salt in a bowl full of warm water. Take the concoction and rub it gently on the acne-affected areas, leaving it on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat this for five days and you will notice a significant improvement in your acne.

Neem leaves – whilst not a miracle cure, can be an effective addition to an acne treatment plan. This is because neem leaves are an antibacterial herb, so they can help control the bacteria infection of acne. Their oil reducing effect will also reduce the acne, although neem products and home remedies must be produced in a mild form so as not to deplete all the skin’s natural oils.

Yoghurt – this is irrefutably the only dairy product that is ideal and recommended for your skin. When yoghurt is fermenting, the presence or pro-biotic bacteria ensures it is easily digestible and soluble. These pro-biotic bacteria found in yoghurt are normally very effective for healthy and radiant skin, as they are known to kill bad bacteria and boost the body’s immunity to fight diseases and disease causing organisms.

Potato – Peel the potato then cut a piece to hold against the face, or grate to get some juice from it to apply to the face. It reduces redness and inflammation due to its alkalinity and vitamin content and like neem, has a drying out effect on the skin.

Aloe Vera – this is yet another effective acne remedy that occurs naturally and almost freely to everyone. Its healing properties have been used to not only cure acne but also cuts, bruises, ulcers, and stomach related complications. The best thing about aloe vera and acne is the fact that it reduces scarring of the skin very fast, thus facilitating natural healing. This justifies the reason why most skin care products in the market claim to contain aloe vera as the main active ingredient. You should however be very careful because not every product is genuine or comes from genuine sources. Only go for approved products.

The sufferer can hopefully find some relief from one or more of these seven natural remedies, everybody’s different so it really is worth persisting with trying different treatments until something effective is found.

Arm Acne Causes and Treatment

The arms are an especially rare place to find acne. However, when acne occurs, it is also a particularly stubborn area to get rid of it. Arm acne usually appears as tiny red bumps similar to facial pimples. It is often found at the back of the arms and near the armpits. This type of acne should be treated immediately at the first sign of appearance to prevent it from getting worse.

While there are several factors that cause facial acne, arm acne is only caused by clogging of pores and skin irritation. Instead of accumulation of too much oil on the skin, the pores are clogged due to the presence of excess dead skin cells, which are not totally removed during washing or bathing and other circumstances. The build up of dead skin cells with dirt and sweat creates the perfect place for the bacteria to grow.

It takes quite a while to treat arm acne. However, once it disappears, it is much easier to prevent them from coming back. Below are the tips on how to get rid of arm acne and ways to keep them from returning:

1. Wear loose clothing instead of tight fitting clothes.

People who used to wear tight-fitted clothing are prone to arm acne, as well as acne on the chest and back, since it prevents natural shedding of the skin and evaporation of sweat. When dead skin cells are not removed it could clog up pores and lead to acne formation.

2. Choose clothes made of light and natural materials like cotton.

Clothes that are made of natural materials are less likely to cause skin irritation that could lead to acne. Also, light and breathable clothes are perfect outfit to wear on summer or on hot weather since it facilitates easy evaporation of sweat. When a person sweats excessively, the tendency is it could accumulate on the skin with dirt and dead skin cells.

3. Keep the skin clean at all times.

Regular bathing or washing the skin can greatly reduce the appearance of acne. Athletes or any individual who are prone to sweat a lot should wash their body right after doing any rigorous activities. Sweat should not be left for too long on the body.

4. Use of acne medications- over-the-counter or prescribed.

Doctors may prescribe topical or oral antibiotics for severe acne on the arm. However, mild to moderate arm acne may be treated with anti-acne products that contain salicylic or benzoyl peroxide. Arm acne treatments may come in forms of cream and ointment. These can be applied on the skin once or twice a day depending on the product. Directions on how to use these products should be carefully followed to avoid any complications.

Use These Simple Tips to Get Rid of Acne Now

If you are looking for more tips to get rid of your acne, you have arrived at the right place. Make sure you read this article now to learn the best acne clearing tips! If you are suffering from acne now, reading this article from the beginning till the very end is definitely worth your time.

  1. Benzoyl PeroxideBenzoyl peroxide is a very well known and commonly used solution for acne. It works by killing the bacteria which causes the formation of acne underneath your skin. It also helps to dry your skin so that your acne can heal quicker. While benzoyl peroxide works for acne, I would not advise using the solution as your only treatment.
  2. Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a much better alternative to benzoyl peroxide. It works in a similar manner as benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil, with its great antibacterial properties, kills the bacteria which causes the formation of acne in the first place. This natural remedy also does not cause any side effects. It is without a doubt the best natural topical solution for acne. I highly recommend using tea tree oil to treat your skin.
  3. Salicylic AcidSalicylic acid is a very effective solution for acne. Salicylic acid is a very helpful and effective solution for acne because it helps to unclog clogged pores. It also helps to reduce the inflammation and redness caused by acne.
  4. Stress ControlStress is inevitable in life. Heavy stress if left unmonitored can lead to huge problems. Stress can actually disrupt your body’s hormonal balance. Make sure you control your daily stress level to prevent your acne problems from getting worse.
  5. WaterWater is essential for healthy and moisturized skin. Water is important to your skin cells. If you want your skin to shine and glow, you will need sufficient amount of water. Water also helps detoxify your body. You might not know this but toxic buildup can bring you many health problems and disorders. Water enables your body to remove the toxins swiftly and effectively.
  6. FruitsEating more fruits can give you good health. Most fruits contain high levels of nutrients that can directly improve your body’s immune system and clear up your skin. Fruits also contain a lot of fibers which are very beneficial for preventing constipation and promoting good detoxification.

By following the tips contained in this article, there is simply no reason why you can’t get rid of your acne and regain or even give your confidence level a great boost! I thank you for the time taken to read this article.

Acne – Affecting Your Confidence

If you are already on the adolescent period, you may notice that your body starts to show some scaly red skin that is so itchy. Are you aware that this is already a skin disease? But you don’t have to panic that much, because it is just acne; with proper care of the skin and thorough natural acne treatments you can get rid of them in no time.

What is Acne?

Acne is commonly seen among teens that are yet to enter adolescence. It is a mild skin ailment that may cause some complications like scars and infections when mishandled. Acne comes in many forms, from almost invincible whiteheads and blackheads to the worst acne known as large papules or nodules; that is why acne is very common to most people from all walks of life.

Affecting Your Confidence

It is important for you to be confident in everything that you want to do. With confidence you can easily find yourself a job, belong into some desired group of friends and even have a happy love life. But what if your confidence is ruined? Most people I know are very confident with the skills that they have in their line of specialty. But most of them partially lost their confidence when they started to have uncontrollable acne starting to dominate their whole body. They wanted to get rid of the acne that is growing on their faces and their quick solution to this is to prick it; without them knowing that this action will cause some acne scars to stay longer which are even more undesirable. This will make you repel yourself to populous places that you once loved. On the contrary, if you have a clear skin to ramp with you into the pub, club and to all populous places that you like you will somehow find addictive to go to this places anytime.

Body Acne

Having a great body will add to your confidence of showing off some skin. But how about showing some body skin that’s full of acne and its adverse reaction when pricked? Will you dare to show same skin? I don’t think so! It is quite normal to have some acne on the face, to the fact that your face is the most sensitive and most oily part in your body and an oily skin is very prone to acne. But if your acne is starting to dominate the larger area of your body, you need to determine if what could be the causes of acne that you are experiencing. From there, learn if you can self-medicate or need some professional assistance to overcome your body acne.

Since it is important to have confidence, it will be wise for you to quickly act if some acne occurs on your face. Avoid pricking it to avert yourself from scars that may haunt you forever. If you have acne problems but you are scared to apply some harsh chemicals that may harm your skin, a natural acne treatment is best for you. Go for some acne home remedies or consider some natural acne treatment supplements that offer effective cure for acne without any side effects.