The Truth About Sex

Men Deserve to Feel Proud of Their Sexuality

Remember a time when a buddy made a bragging sexual comment and you felt intimidated; you wondered if you were sexually “normal”; a TV program described male sexuality in a negative way; the time you felt confused about what to do sexually with a woman; whether your sexual fantasies were healthy; whether your expectations of lovemaking were realistic; when you thought, “Yes, I really like sex, but I feel differently than what other men feel.” If you’ve ever had moments or thoughts like these (and the great majority of men have), this book will help you develop a healthier, more confident, and satisfying sex life. What’s different about this book? We’ll tell you the honest truth—no hype, no magic, no “BS.” We will share with you the best available scientific, psychological, medical, and relationship information. The truth about sex is that every man deserves to feel proud, confident, and healthy about his masculinity and sexuality. The truth is that sex is an essential part of who we are as men.

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To begin, we ask you to take our 21-item true–false quiz to assess your understanding of male sexuality. Don’t worry about performance anxiety; you can score this yourself to see how knowledgeable you are, and you don’t have to tell anyone your score.

Exercise: Sexual Knowledge Questionnaire

  1. Penis size is the most important factor in pleasing your partner.
  2. Real men are always interested and ready to perform sexually.
  3. The best sex happens when you are single; committed sex squelches good sex.
  4. All men are potential rapists.
  5. Perfect sexual performance is the most important factor in satisfying your partner.
  6. Women control men with sex. It’s just the way it is.
  7. Women expect to be fucked hard, but don’t honestly say it.
  8. The Internet is the best source for accurate sexual information. Viagra Australia pharmacy offer great prices for sildenafil citrate Get More Information.
  9. Sex is such a basic physical need, men should be able to perform perfectly regardless of their level of physical conditioning, lifestyle, or age.
  10. What men most want and need in a relationship is sex.
  11. Men will do or say anything to get sex.
  12. Men inevitably think with their penis.
  13. Sex is natural and requires no learning, management, or regulation.
  14. Sex requires an erection because sex equals intercourse.
  15. Men need a lot of sex; lack of sex causes major physical problems.
  16. It is the man’s responsibility to give his partner an orgasm each time.
  17. The man leads sex: “Men are supposed to run the sex show.”
  18. Sex equals performance and performance is what counts.
  19. Real men have penises that are “two feet long, hard as steel, and able to go all night.”
  20. Men can’t control their sex drives.
  21. Men should never view women as sex objects.

How many “True” responses did you record? Compare your responses to the fact that this is a male sex myth test; all of these items are false. In the following chapters, we will coach you how to think about your sexuality in an accurate, honest, reasonable, confident manner. You can learn to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction for the rest of your life.

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