Sex : The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

We’ve written this book to coach you (and your partner) in the truth about healthy, pleasurable, satisfying sex—not hype or promises that only lead to disappointment and “is that all there is?” We coach you in the scientific and medical facts, the reality of real men who have real jobs and real stresses, living real life with real women, with real failures as well as successes. We wrote this book to coach you with integrity, openness, candor, frankness, and details that you can apply to your life.

We wrote this book because we believe there is too much BS out there about men and sex. We wrote this so that you can avoid the myriad of mistakes we have seen in our clinical practices, mistakes made out of ignorance, misinformation, unrealistic expectations, anxiety, shame, and following hyped-up promises—“Use this cream and your ‘dick’ will grow two inches.” We’ve seen too many lies told to men. We want to give you the facts! So, we have written this book with the promise—to ourselves and to you—that this is a book with integrity.

We’ve counseled and coached thousands of men (and their partners) how to develop positive male sexual health, address sexual problems, and overcome worries, misunderstandings, and other barriers to sexual satisfaction. We have heard legions of men individually, in educational workshops, in couples therapy, and in men’s group therapy express hidden thoughts and conflicts about sex. These men are scientists, construction workers, college students, professional football players, Fortune 500 CEOs, politicians, government employees, computer geeks, police officers, investment bankers, bakers, hockey stars, medical doctors, waste management truck drivers, pilots, prisoners, clergymen, chefs, military personnel, lawyers, factory workers, diplomats, teachers. Viagra New Zealand online

You name the occupation, and we’ve heard from them over the years of our clinical work. They are young, middle-aged, older, single, married, divorced, sexually active, celibate, in good health, in poor health. Like their jobs and status in life, men are different emotionally and sexually. We are not stereotypes but have incredible diversity and ranges of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and sexual preferences. Some of us are saintly, some are villainous, while most of us are in the broad expanse in between. While we are different from each other in many ways, we all seek sexual health. Here are principles and facts that are common to all of us when it comes to sexual health. Men’s sexual health is grounded on psychological and physical facts and truths.

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