Tools For Blackhead Extraction

Removing blackheads can be an awkward and difficult process, especially if you try to do it with your fingertips or a tissue. Thankfully, there are several tools you can use to help with blackhead extraction. In order to protect your skin as much as possible, only extract the blackhead after it has visibly burst out from beneath the skin. Attempting to extract a blackhead too early can cause infection and/or inflammation as alien bacteria can enter your skin.

Whichever method or tool you choose to use for blackhead extraction, make sure that the affected area is clean, and that your pores have been opened. To open the pores, wash your skin with hot water, and then give yourself a facial steam by placing a thick warm towel over your face and holding your face over a bowl of hot steamy water.

Tissues and Fingers
Using tissues and fingers to remove blackheads is perhaps the most well-known method of blackhead extraction. Once your pores are opened, cover your fingers completely with a tissue, making sure that your fingertips will not touch your face. Place your fingers on either side of the blackhead and gently push until the blackhead pops out. Do not try and force the blackhead out if it does not come out easily, this will just injure your skin.

Metal Loop Extractors
These are stainless steel rods with a metal loop at either end. You can purchase them from any pharmacy and should be used only with great caution. The loop is placed over the blackhead and used to force it out of the pore. Very gently pressure should be used as rough treatment will only damage the skin.

Blackhead Removal Strips
This is a form of blackhead extraction that has become exceedingly popular. These strips use a powerful glue to tear the blackheads out of the skin pores. To use, wet the strip and stick it over any area afflicted with blackheads. Leave for the recommended amount of time and then remove the strip from your skin. Be careful as sensitive skin can react badly to the force of these strips.

Blackhead Removal Guns
These tools use a strong vacuum force to literally suck the blackhead out of your skin. The makers of these tools maintain that they do no harm to the skin, while being highly effective, but most people claim that unless used in conjunction with other forms of blackhead extraction, these tools are largely mostly useless as the suction force is not powerful enough.

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