Three Home Cures for Acne

We would like to think that once we move past being teenagers that the acne goes away. Not so, I am afraid. For me, it came back when I hit thirty and then again when I was pregnant both times. Because I was pregnant, I had to be careful what I used. I was not super excited about using some of the over the counter creams that where available because I needed to watch what I put in and on my body. I started searching for home remedy for zits and found some very interesting information. There are plenty of wonderful acne home remedies out there that are super safe, super cheap, and super easy to use.

I found three major home treatments for acne that I want to share. The first one was toothpaste. I have heard this one before but never knew exactly how or why it worked. There is a specific bacterium that causes acne on the skin. It causes the pores to retain oil and dirt and then they get infected. The toothpaste doesn’t actually keep the skin from getting acne. What it does is soothes the skin and removes the redness. Acne is not all that noticeable unless it is irritated and red. Once the redness is gone, it is not so bad. The toothpaste also helps keep any more bacteria, dirt, and oil from getting in the already infected area while it heals. Toothpaste is best used overnight on the infected area.

The info I found about anti dandruff shampoo was the one that surprised me the most. Turns out the same bacteria that causes the acne also is what causes the dandruff. You have to be a little more careful with how you use this because it can really dry the skin out. It can be used all over the face to help with current acne and also will help prevent future acne. Rub a nice layer of the shampoo all over your face and let it sit for a few minutes before you jump in the shower or bath. After those few minutes, wash it off. Try not to let it stay on much longer then that.

I have read about the wonderful healing powers of garlic before but it never occurred to me that it would work for home cures for acne. Like I mentioned before, the acne is caused by a bacteria. It turns out that the garlic helps fight against that bacteria! The garlic is not put on the infected area like the toothpaste and shampoo, it is actually consumed and helps fight it from within. Garlic also has amazing powers when it comes weight loss, but that is another article.

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