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If you were to ask a group of people what Priligy is, few if any of them would probably know this drug. However, even though few people have heard about Priligy, this is a drug that has made a huge difference in the world of healthcare and especially men’s health. Priligy is known as a very effective drug in the treatment of premature ejaculation. This article will give you all the info you need on this drug and provide some insight on how to get it. Priligy online at CanadianHealthCareMalll.Com

Priligy’s History

Like most drugs, Priligy was developed to counteract a medical condition that has few if any treatment options. However, the interesting thing about this drug is that it was developed specifically to treat depression but turned out to be something else entirely. The research and development for this drug were commissioned by the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company, and more specifically – David Wong, the researcher who helped develop the popular antidepressant drug known as Prozac.

After Priligy was found to be ineffective in treating depression, development was cancelled for some time, until another company named PPD GenuPro decided to buy and change it in 1998 to serve another crucial purpose – treating premature ejaculation. In 2001, its rights were once again purchased by another company – ALZA Corporation. While FDA approval of the drug is pending, the drug has already been approved in many European countries, including Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

How It Works

As previously mentioned, Priligy is intended for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This is a health problem that millions of men suffer from, and can be described as a tendency of the man to ejaculate soon after initiating sexual activity or from minimal sexual contact. This is very damaging to most sexual relations, as both partners are rarely able to enjoy a long and fulfilling sexual experience. Unfortunately, premature ejaculation is a problem that medical researchers still know very little about.

However, certain causes or influential factors have been identified. For example, premature ejaculation may be a side effect from drugs, a symptom of prostatitis, an indication of psychological problems or mental illness, a result of a genetic predisposition or merely elevated penile sensitivity. To counteract this medical condition, Priligy inhibits serotonin transporters and setting off a complex reaction that goes all the way to the brain stem.

Staying Safe

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While it is a big help to many men, Priligy cannot be used by anyone. First of all, it is only suited to adult men between the ages of 18 and 64. Furthermore, Priligy should not be taken if you suffer from hepatic impairment, certain heart conditions, as well as anyone taking serotonin-inhibiting drugs and several others listed in the official description. Priligy is also known to cause side effects in some cases, so you would do well to read up on its specific indications and contraindications if you want to stay safe and use this drug as indicated.

Obtaining Priligy

When people make up their mind regarding whether this drug is right for them, they instantly ask the question “Where do I get it?” While popular drugs like aspirin are freely available in all developed countries, Priligy has not yet become universally accessible and is only sold in some pharmacies and countries. While this may seem problematic to those who can’t get it on their city’s streets, there is another solution to this problem. Many people are choosing to buy this drug from generic pharmacy websites and similar online services.

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