Prevention: Water

It is good rainy baths not to be taken straight on the body, but through a thin article of clothing. Taken in this way, the baths, the raindrops develop a special energy that affects the body favorably. Prevention

Part of the water is taken in through the skin pores. So one has to wash his face frequently and then water penetrates into the pores and part of the magnetism of the water penetrates into the skin with it. Water should be warm in order this to happen. There is a connection between the physical purity and the spiritual one.

One must at least twice a week induce sweating by drinking hot water. He will drink a few glasses of hot water, in which he can squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. When he sweats well, he will wipe his body with a damp towel and will change his clothes. Then let him drink another half or a whole cup of hot water. The clean hot water helps for releasing blood from the accumulated in it lactic and uric acid. To be healthy, one must have absolutely clean blood. Once a person improves his circulation, prana is taken in properly by the body.

In order your breathing to be full, you should open the pores of your body. This is achieved through drinking of water. Full breathing means one to breathe not only through his lungs, but also through the skin of his body. Every cell in the human body shall breathe. One, who breathes in this way, can be called a healthy person HealtCare Pharmacy.

Hands, at least three times a day, shall be washed. Legs, face, underarms shall be washed several times a day, leaving the skin slightly damp in order the remaining water to be taken in by the body and give you liveliness and freshness. Wipe, lightly, with a soft towel. Then change your clothes and thank God and after all that, you may eat or go to work.

In summer, warm the water in the sun and wash yourself by solar water. You shall take two or three baths a week. You can wash yourself partially every day and namely the face, the neck, the arms, the legs. When you perspire, you shall immediately change your clothes.

Never drink water when you are tired and sweating. Stop for a while at the spring, wait for 10-15 minutes and then drink.

If wine were a necessity for people, Nature should deliver it. Water cleans the body, and wine introduces sludge, from which one must clean himself in order the Divine energy to enter it. This energy comes in through the brain, through the heart and through the body. Once this energy enters the human body, it starts to rebuild it.

Dew drops have electricity and magnetism, which must be used wisely. Knowing this, do not shake the raindrops out of your clothes. The clean dew drop gives blessing. One, who has a strong sense of smell, feels the fragrance of the dew drops.

When you go for a walk or hike, choose to drink water that has southern exposure, because spring water, placed in such a position is full of creative energy and they are healthy. Never drink water exposed to the north, because their energy is positive.

From May till the middle of July, every day, when it rains, you shall stay out under the rain until you get wet well. Officials will use those hours when they are not at work. These rain baths cost more than mineral ones, and they are beneficial to the nervous system and to many chronic diseases. I call rain baths “baths of angels”. While taking your baths, you will pray to God to clean you through them and thank for the blessing that He sends you from Heaven. One, who can correctly take in the energies of the raindrops, has reached that primary matter, which alchemists sought. By taking these baths, you will see how well you will sleep. After the bath, you will wipe your body with a clean, dry towel. You will change your clothes, and drink a glass or two of hot water. As for the cold, you shall not have any fear. May, June, and July are full of life.

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