Natural Cures for Acne at Home – 4 Steps to Thinking Outside The Box

Acne is no fun. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager going through it or an adult that’s going through it again. There is no way to make acne fun but it is a fact of life. Everyone goes through their own battle with acne and since no one has ever died from acne, it is always a win! I remember being a teenager, 2 weeks before prom. I didn’t look the best, I had acne all over my face, I thought the world was going to end! But it didn’t, I found some natural cure for acne at home. As you read this entire article you are going to learn about what acne is and how natural/holistic treatments for acne can and do work!

Acne is cause by oils, dirt, and bacteria on the skin that clog your pores. The oils and dirt give the bacteria the perfect place to live. This is simple enough, but how do you stop this “trifecta of nasty” from ruining your life? Keep reading and you will discover how!

Usually, the first step to clean your face on a regular basis with a mild cleanser. Thats easy enough, and if you don’t have a cleanser around, at least use some water from the sink. It will help wash some of the oil and dirt off your face, which can’t hurt.

The second step is a mask. This is where the natural part comes in. Sure, you could pay for a mask product in a store, but that is just a bunch of chemicals put together. If you are anything like me, you might have sensitive skin (hence I said use a mild cleanser above). What is a great alternative to a chemical mask? Oatmeal and honey! Make some oatmeal, let it cool, add some honey, smear on your face, let it dry and sit on your face for 20 minutes, wash off. There ya go, that was simple wasn’t it?

The third step is to pick up what the oatmeal and honey left behind. This is another natural step. If you bought a chemical product from a store it would be called the toner. Chemical toner is not the best thing for sensitive skin. The natural alternative for this is rose water and lemon juice. All you do is make some rose water (not hard, you can find out how to make it on the internet) and add some juice from a lemon to it. I wouldn’t use a whole lemon, maybe just a quarter of it. Too much might bother your skin and burn a bit. When you do this, let it sit for a few minutes and wash off with warm water.

The Last step is the moisturizer. This can be bought at a store. Remember, buy and use a moisturizer that is made for sensitive skin. All you do is rub it on and, well, that’s it. Just put it on your face or where ever you have an acne problem and that’s it.

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