How to Get Rid of Acne During Your

Pregnancy is one of the most special periods in a woman’s life, but it does not come with its share of troubles. Along with the dreaded baby weight, a lot of women experience acne in this stage. They need not fret so much. In order to deal with this, they should know the basics of acne during pregnancy and treatment.

Hormonal fluctuation is the main culprit of acne during pregnancy. It is caused by the very high levels of androgens present among pregnant women. These hormones trigger the release of sebaceous glands in the skin. This boosts the production of sebum, which blocks the skin’s pores and encourages bacteria to spread rapidly, resulting to pimples.

Fortunately, it is very easy to know more about acne during pregnancy and treatment.

Here are some basic facts:

• Acne lessens as a woman nears childbirth
• It is not the only skin problem that a woman may encounter during this stage. The skin becomes more and more sensitive while the pregnancy progresses
• Those who are already suffering from acne before pregnant will most likely have it worse when they become pregnant

Dermatologists and other experts on acne during pregnancy and treatment. recommend the following tips for treatment:

• Use very mild soap to wash the face twice a day
• Always remove makeup before going to sleep
• Use water-based cosmetics, especially for those with extremely oily skin
• Do not take oral medication for skin care during pregnancy
• Keep hands away from face to avoid dirt from getting into pores
• Drink lots of water to hydrate the skin
• Use non-medicated astringent for cleaning the face
• You can do light exercises; sweating will flush out the dirt in your skin
• Make sure to wash fruits and vegetables before eating them; pesticides and herbicides can affect the health of the skin
• Use a micro fiber cloth that is oil absorbent when cleaning skin
• Get enough sleep. This will make the skin looking fresh and less vulnerable to wrinkles
• Use sunscreen regularly. This will prevent the countless damages that the sun can do to your skin
• Try getting a delicate facial. If you doctor says it’s okay, have your face cleaned in order to get rid of deep-seated dirt and oil

Aside from acne, there are other skin disorders that you can get during pregnancy. One is melasma, which is more common among women with darker complexions. It usually appears during the second or third trimester. Discoloration sets on the skin, usually on the forehead, upper lip and nose. It can worsen by too much exposure to the sun. The skin returns to normal after a woman gives birth.

Another skin problem to worry about is puerperal urticaria of pregnancy or PUP. It results to rashes that spread in different parts of the body. Skin feels very itchy with PUP. Although the condition is not really harmful, it can make you very irritable because of extreme itchiness.

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