How Cosmetic Surgeons Remove Acne Scars

Have you ever asked, “How does a cosmetic surgeon remove acne scars”? Wouldn’t you like to have an in-depth understanding of your available options? Well I think I can show you the some. I have studied many people like yourself and I understand what you must be going through. So I’ve found these 4 methods of treatment that will aid you in your quest for knowledge.

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have created ways and products to help you get rid of unwanted scars on your face. So you do have lots of options to choose from. To those who are uncomfortable with undergoing laser treatments, there are actually creams or home made remedies that could help you. The prices of such treatment varies, therefore, you can choose which of these ways will best fit your budget.

Dermabrasion is one common way of removing acne scars.

This procedure is done by taking off the top layer of your skin. This will make your skin smoother and the scar is hardly noticeable. This method works best for surface scarring only. It could also help reduce the look of the deeper scars.

The use of Collagen

Cosmetic surgeons use collagen to get rid of acne scars. Collagen is injected directly into the scared area. This procedure works best to those who have superficial scars only. Just like Dermabrasion, this procedure can also help minimize deeper scars. This type of treatment must be repeated every few months.

The use of body fat

Another method of dealing with acne scars is by transferring body fat to the skin damaged by acne. This is quite effective since it uses natural body tissues. The cosmetic surgeon will take out body fat from your body and then inject it to your acne scars. Such method will help even out the skin and elevates deeper acne scars thus rough appearance of the skin is lessened. This type of procedure will last longer than using collagen as it is not necessary to repeat the procedure.

The use of laser treatments

Another way of removing acne scars is by laser treatments. This procedure will change the form of the scar tissue that is caused by acne. It also lessens the redness that is caused by lesion as part of the skin condition. If you are the type of person who hates to undergo several treatments every month, then this solution is best for you. It will only take one session to perform this procedure.

For a more serious and deeper scarring, surgery is performed. The cosmetic surgeon will use skin graft to cover the lesions left by acne. The amount of skin graft to be used will depend on how deep your scar is. Other option is to remove the damaged skin and replace it with a larger skin graft that is taken from your body.

Now that you have an idea of some of the common ways cosmetic surgeons remove acne scars, decide which of these you think will benefit you the most. Before you proceed with any procedure, speak to your dermatologist about it. They should be the best person to guide you as to which method is best for you. They will be the one to refer you to a cosmetic surgeon.

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