Acne Fighting Options

In general Acne is an inflammation of the skin can be caused by a number of different factors. Acne occurs most commonly during adolescence but often continues to effect people into their young adulthood. During adolescence the most common cause is an increase in hormones related to puberty but other factors such as diet and hygiene can also be the cause. Acne can take the form of scaly red skin, black or white heads, pimples, and cysts. Over time severe ache can eventually lead to scarring of the skin.

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Acne typically appears on the face, chest and back but can show up in other places as well. Acne is quite unsightly and being on someone’s face it often causes insecurity and has a negative impact on self-esteem.

Fortunately there are a number of natural remedies and acne fighting products available. While the commercial products generally contain the strongest acne combating agents the natural remedies are both cheap and simple and should be used by everyone to help maintain healthy skin. Acne is often caused by a build up of toxins as a result of poor diet and hygiene.

  • The best way to help flush out these toxins is to drink water. Eight to ten glasses a day. Drinking water provides many other health benefits besides helping your skin so drink up.
  • The top rated herbal acne remedies are Tea Tree and Lavender Oils. These oils are the best choice for fighting and preventing acne because they have anti-inflammatory properties and will help smooth skin and reduce redness.

The best long term solution to solving skin complexion and general health is through a healthy diet.

Fatty fried food as well and processed food may taste great but your body is not able to effectively digest these foods causing a build of toxins in your body. Many of these toxins work their way to the surface of your skin and show up as acne. As the old saying goes “eat it today, wear it tomorrow”. Some people’s complexion is not affected by a poor diet but for many their diet is the cause of their poor complexion. A healthy diet should include a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. The human body has evolved to efficiently digest fruits and vegetables and the anti-oxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables will help combat the toxins in the body.

If these natural remedies are not providing the results that you are looking for then the other option is one of the numerous acne fighting products on the market. The most popular anti-acne product in the world is Proactive Solutions. Proactive is a 3-step process based primarily around benzoyl peroxide which penetrates the pores and kills the acne causing bacteria. Proactive is endorsed by numerous celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne and is typically sold online.

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