Acne Cures That Work

Nobody wants to have acne – I’ve got it, you’ve got, and we all hate it. But this article isn’t to let you know that acne stinks, its not even to tell you what causes acne or to convince you to buy some new “miracle” cure. You need to know REAL acne cures that work – so here they are.

A little about me first – I’ve had acne for years, and I am pretty much obsessed with trying to discover a cure that will work 100% of the time, no matter who you are. Unfortunately I haven’t found a cure like that yet (no one has, no matter what any acne product manufacturer claims) but I have learned enough about my acne to keep it under control and extremely mild – which is a significant improvement from my previously severe, out-of-control breakouts. How do I do it? Here are just a few things I’ve learned about acne that when followed correctly, will dramatically improve the health of your skin.

–First off, you’re gonna need to start drinking much more water. Yup, good old H2O. What most people don’t know (and what is kept secret from you on purpose) is that more than half of all acne cases are caused by dehydration alone. Drink your water! Over 60% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, so chances are you might be one of them!

–Now, if you have acne, you are probably already using a topical cleanser or acne spot treatment cream (or both). However, there’s a good chance that even with using a specialized acne cleanser twice per day you are still having mild, moderate, or even severe breakouts. Thats okay, we’ll figure out how to deal with that problem in a minute! But don’t just assume your cleanser doesn’t work, because treating the surface of your skin is only a small fraction of the cure.

I would suggest a high-quality cleanser though, one with natural ingredients ONLY. I know benzoyl peroxide is appealing because its so strong that it feels like it must be working, but in reality using harsh chemicals on the skin will only confuse your body into producing more acne-causing bacteria than it already does!

–Alright, so you still have acne even though you’re hydrated and using a cleanser? Its time to start fighting acne from the inside of your body. Sound weird? Its not! Even though acne emerges on the surface, it starts on the inside. Stop acne where it starts, and you won’t see any on the surface! This is something that nearly all acne sufferers overlook, and acne products fail to mention.

You can stop your acne from the inside by keeping your body extremely healthy. This is easiest to do by taking vitamin supplements (in a powder is best) and taking herbal supplements. Eating healthy is beneficial as well, although it is a common myth that a strict diet will solve acne problems. There are many healthy eaters who still suffer with severe acne. Don’t get too caught up in diet – focus on supplying your body with the nutrients it needs through supplements, and your skin will begin to show the improvements.

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